HDVS Mail (Harassment, Discrimination, Sexual and sexist Violence)

AE ISAE-SUPAERO - Solidarity Section - Harassement Subsection
Welcome on the HDVS Mail service of the Students Association. Here you can submit, anonymously or not, a story of harassment, discrimination, sexual violence or sexist violence, weather you are a witness or a victim. You also have the possibility to attach one or several files. Express yourself freely and take as much time as you need to write your story. We are in no hurry.

Each submission will be treated as quickly as possible by the Harassment Subsection. Any information shared here will remain confidential. Do know that all members of the Students Association are here for you. We are here to help.

The story recorded here is exclusively sent to the Harassment Section head: Carl Guignon.
Whether "Anonymous" is checked or not, this website does not record anything about you or your message.

If you have a doubt, you can check the source code by clicking here.

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