Welcome on the Students Association of Supaero website

You're at the right place.

The website is only in french for the moment, sorry for the inconvenient.
However, we have a few translated features, espcially for international students who are interested in the school.

The students association of Supaero take care of most of the school's clubs. We organize the students' life on the campus and try to make it as comfortable as possible.

First advice : go watch the Alpha video, it represents pretty well the school and everything you can do in it.

Some useful contents is presented below. It is mostly in french, but don't hesitate to have a look at everything you can be interested in.


>The landing page for french students

Everything you have to know about the school is here.


How most students spend their free time

All the clubs are presented here. Have a special look at the International club, specially created for international students.


Your future home in Toulouse, the best student city in France

Evrything you need to know about the campus and its rooms is here.


The school website

All the formation is described on the school's official website.

Some word from the president of the international club